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3 core concepts drive our research
rigorous programmatic research


We validate multiple POVs across the programmatic landscape to deliver deep rigor & maximum clarity.

real world programmatic research


Our approach is clinical, not theoretical. Our research is informed by active practitioners and millions of data points.

rigorous programmatic research


The programmatic landscape changes dramatically every month. We. Keep. Up.
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Research that covers what’s critical.


Is your marketing working? And does the empirical learning from programmatic marketing serve as a point of inspiration for everything else your brand does?

If you answered I don’t know and no — you’re not alone.

Performance measurement across both brand and conversion is one the most critical and complex areas of modern marketing.

At INVISIBLE SCIENCE, a key research track is objectively disentangling modern marketing performance using the latest techniques and technologies.

We offer clear guidance on state-of-the-art thinking on marketing performance in a digital world. And your roadmap for how to achieve it.

Performance topics include:

  • MTA (multi-touch attribution)
  • Media Mix Modeling
  • True incrementality
  • Experimental design

Transparency — in all its forms — stubbornly remains a significant issue for brands. The root cause is incentives. Certain players in the ecosystem benefit from obfuscation. And unfortunately those brands who aren’t aware can’t decide on an acceptable alternate course.

Our research addresses this information asymmetry. We objectively craft guidance for brands seeking maximum transparency across:

  • Media inventory
  • Fees (at every step in the process)
  • Campaign parameters
  • Code

Though we now benefit from platforms allowing us to treat people as individuals, 78% of all creative messages in programmatic marketing remain generic. That’s a massive lost opportunity.

The first five years of programmatic marketing have focused overwhelming on media. The next five will see extraordinary progress with creative.

Our research covers the current capabilities (and limitations) of programmatic creative technologies, and spotlights those brands who are making the most of the possibilities today. Our coverage includes:

  • DCO (dynamic creative optimization)
  • CMS (content management systems)
  • Programmatic native
  • HTML5 implications

For many brands, media trading strategy is the center of programmatic marketing.

Trading strategy guides the hands-on-keyboards humans who are operating the platforms directly. Trading success happens when people with the right experience and skill apply best practice approaches and techniques.

Our research goes deep on trading strategy, uncovering the specific emerging best practice approaches used by leading traders. Our coverage includes:

  • performance design within DSPs
  • DSP selection and optimization
  • service models: platform managed services vs. agency managed services
  • in-house media trading

Unlike other company assets, data are not consumed with use. Instead, they become more valuable the more often and the more thoroughly they are applied.

At its core, programmatic marketing is about the consistent and pervasive application of corporate data assets to create value.

Our research decodes the complexity of data strategy. Topics of our research include:

  • DMPs (data management platforms)
  • maximizing first party data application
  • data science & custom algorithms
  • machine learning
  • your data strategy roadmap

A person is not a device, a channel or a visit. A marketing system that acts as if that is true will always deliver misleading feedback to decision makers.

Two broad approaches are available to brands who want to resolve identity to single humans regardless of device or channel. They can either work with the walled gardens who own logged-in identify (Facebook for example) or they can work across the open web, with technologies and approaches that resolve identity across multiple touchpoint.

Our research tracks the cross-device , cross-channel identity challenge in depth, including:

  • probabilistic & deterministic identity solutions
  • comparison of walled gardens
  • privacy & regulatory concerns

Non-human traffic, fraud, and the relative scarcity of truly premium inventory are all issues that continue to challenge programmatic marketing. To address these issues, brand leaders need a supply strategy.

Our research surfaces best practices for:

  • PMPs (private marketplaces)
  • the implications of Header Bidding
  • Viewability and brand protection
  • Native and premium inventory
  • Custom content programs

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